Salt n’ Pepa: Shake it Reaaal Good

I once heard that Henry Ford always took his job interviewees on a final dinner before he hired them. If they salted their food before they had tasted it, he wouldn’t hire them. (You probably won’t read that on “How to Not Ruin Your Job Interview”!)

What does this possibly have to do with anything? My collection of salt and pepper shakers. Obviously.

These are my grinder friends. He’s pepper. She’s salt. I picked these up in the Marshall’s clearance aisle (one of my favorite places!) and thought they belonged together. My husband doesn’t like Mr. Pepper. He thinks he looks like a slimeball. (How can that be when Mr. Pepper is holding flowers behind his back!!).

I won these bad boys at a family White Elephant gift swap:

And these were a shower gift from my good friend:

I’m a firm believer that form follows function. You could have plain old white salt and pepper shakers (which I do have. My husband is a patient man, but I have to throw him a bone every once in a while.) But why not add a little fun to the table!

So, of course I went searching Etsy for some cute shakers:

Too cute: Saltron and Pepperbot

Now these are some of the oddest shakers I’ve come across. To each their own?

And these are just beautiful!

Robot Shakers:
Pope Shakers:
Egg Shakers: