Wills&Kate Pandemonium!

When the news started picking up about “Waity Katie” finally getting her wish, I paid attention. Like many other Americans, I am slightly obsessed with any kind of news regarding the British Monarchy.

Actually, that’s probably not true. I’m more than a little obsessed. When the news started picking up I read the biography of Princess Diana, “The Diana Chronicles” written by former Editor of Vanity Fair and The New Yorker magazines, Tina Brown. And this is where is gets worse. I was so engulfed by the story that I proceeded to read Andrew Morton’s original tell-all “Diana: Her True Story in her Own Words”.

Yes. I read two, quite lengthy, Princess Diana biographies back-to-back. I don’t think that makes me average.

And you can bet I’m ready to read the upcoming book by Christopher Anderson (releases on April 29!):

Since then, Wills and Kate, or should I say Prince William and Catherine Middleton have gotten engaged and begun planning their wedding. This paired with the fact that I think Kate Middleton and everything she wears is the cutest thing in the world, has launched quite the interest

Now begins the fun part. My whole reason for today’s post.

British royalty wedding memorabilia.

The Brits have a knack for creating tacky, hilarious, obsessive memorabilia. The china I don’t really understand. The last thing I want to see when I’m spooning up my mashed potatoes on Christmas Even is a weird faded out picture of Prince William peering out at me.

Seriously. Where do they get these pictures? Poor Kate.

Their official wedding china, I’ll admit, is beautiful.

Now this. This is hilarious. I remember getting Teen People issue featuring Prince William (in his pre-balding days) and he was a big cutie. Kate is a lucky gal. Prince or not.

Now THIS I would buy. I think this little pint mug was done so prettily!

And for the modernistas (Okay, I think these are kind of cool too).:

I could go on and on. Ugly t-shirts, more china (how much fine china can Brits possible use?) thimbles, spoons, plaques… There is a whole lot of ugly and amazing going on out there.

Now for my favorite piece. I would buy these in a hot second!

*Drum Roll Please*

Hah!! How cute! If I was going to wait for hours outside Buckingham Palace to catch a quick glimpse of the newlyweds, I’m sure I would want a pair of these adorable gloves.

April 29th is only a couple more weeks away!

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  1. Hey Kat, I discovered your blog through freshly pressed this morning, I really enjoyed it, you have such an eye for beauty! I also am fascinated by the royal family, (maybe it’s because we’re colonials), and I’ve read a great biography on Wallis Simpson called Wallis: the true story of the Duchess of Windsor by Charles Higham, you might like it. Also, on a somewhat related topic, the movie ‘The Kings Speech’ is wonderful!

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