Vintage St. Patrick’s Day: 4 leaf clovers are a-shining on me

St. Patrick’s Day is only 2 days away! Are you ready!? While CVS has plenty to offer if you’re looking for shamrock-glasses, Lucky Charms t-shirts or red, paper beards you tie to your face with an elastic band, it doesn’t really capture the nostalgia that I usually like to celebrate holidays with. (Although those paper beards were mighty tempting.)

I’ve gathered together a few images that are reminiscent of old-time St. Patrick’s Day.

1. A beautiful clover scarf pin – isn’t this stunning!? I just want to wrap a scarf around my head and ride around in a green convertible with big white sunglasses. I foresee driving towards a very large rainbow. ; )

2. A vintage 1960’s Vera Neumann hand-painted scarf from Etsy. I believe this could be my scarf from the aforementioned St. Patrick’s Day fantasy. Yes? In all seriousness, I love this pattern. It’s gorgeous. I have a box of old scarves from my Granna. They just don’t make textile design like they used to. *Sigh

3.Vintage 1890s Victorian lithographs of Irish sheet music – I love vintage prints! Jigging is required.By the way, there is an amazing old antique store my good friend Abs and I love to go to. They have tons of old sheet music. I could spend hours looking at them! The classic vintage design of the pieces are so unique and fun to look through. Also the titles of the songs are always hilarious – like “Clementine, You Butter Up my Heart”, “I’m Locking My Wife in the Closet” or  “That Old Irish Mother of Mine”.

4. Clover Bottle Cap Charm. I feel like this is what a Leprechaun would give me if we met on the side of the road.

It’s just so sweet. It also reminds me of the Ellie Badge from “Up” and that movie makes me cry. Maybe that’s why I like it so much. (See Ellie’s Grape Soda badge below.)

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Now just to clarify what kind of rainbow I’m talking about, see this photo below. I’ve never seen another rainbow like it! (Yes, that is me down in the bottom. Rockin’ my hoodie and jeans circa sophomore year in college.)

I must have found a four leaf clover today because today (the Ides of March no less!) is perfectly beautiful!! After all the snow Boston has gotten this year, I thought I’d never see the sun, ground, grass, gravel, dirt… anything underneath the 8 feet of snow and ice we had this year.)


6 thoughts on “Vintage St. Patrick’s Day: 4 leaf clovers are a-shining on me

  1. I am an old fashion lady with a sense of style on the other hand..being in a vintage is unique looking.

  2. I can hardly wait for St. Patrick’s Day…

    Love all the pictures (most especially the vintage lithographs). Really cool that you sourced them in post.

    It’s amazing how come St. Patrick’s Day no matter how bad the weather is, it’s always good.

    Great, concise post. Congrats on freshly pressed.

  3. We happen to have a pub here that does a block party between the bar and the park. Its called Devere’s Irish Pub. I like the beer selection and the occasional live music. They also have game options in the form of Liar’s dice and other board games. I will say their bread pudding is delicious. St. Patricks day is looking to be very fun this year.

  4. Love the scarf! I live in a part of the country where St Paddy’s Day isn’t quite the celebration of places like Chicago or Boston, but maybe I can rustle up something green for the day tomorrow. There’s always the ever classic green beer.

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