Andrew Myers: Some People Get All the Talent

I stumbled across a particular post today on Core77 and I think I’m still waiting for my jaw to pick itself up off the ground. I had never heard of Andrew Myers before, but I will definitely be keeping tabs on his art in the future.

At first glance (back when I thought it was just a really beautiful painting – HAH!) I thought this was a pretty cool piece. Hmm, not a painting? Cut paper? Relief sculpture?

The piece reminds me of Chuck Close (who someday, probably soon, will get a post of his own). Chuck Close is my favorite living artist, and one of my favorite artists of all time. Here is his print “Leslie” made out of his fingerprint.

Yes. Fingerprints, people.

Leslie image from here.

But Myer took this piece beyond my wildest imagination. This piece, whose title I could not find the name of, is made of screws. Yes. Screws.

Myers uses pegboard (you know, that stuff that you hold gardening shovels on in your garage), drills screws into it at varying depths and paints the screws.

I think my jaw is still on the floor.

Finding artists like this make my heart pitter-patter. I love the creative mind!! I think I’m, all-in-all, a creative person. But I would have NEVER thought to do something like this. Amazing.

On another note, today I read that it’s been scientifically proven that people who are happier are more creative.

In my case, I see their point. However, there are too many tortured artists out there (Van Gough, Dali, Kahlo) for me to believe this holds much weight. Something tells me these scientists never took Art History.

Who is your favorite artist?

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7 thoughts on “Andrew Myers: Some People Get All the Talent

  1. Haha and by realism, I don’t mean the artistic French movement in the 1800s. I mean how realistic his paintings are as opposed to his modern-day counterparts. My bad!

  2. Alli, we are twins once again! I love realism 🙂
    but Mickey I do love unique creativity like those screws!!
    (ps Doubting Thomas was featured on LOST… just saying… fine, im obsessed)

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