The Writer in You

I’d like to take a moment to pass on a message about a former professor and fellow writer.

Wendy was one of my professors of my very first class freshman year. Somehow I wrangled my advisor into letting an itsy bitsy freshman to get into her senior seminar class on launching a magazine. Long story short, it was an awesome class and Wendy was an awesome teacher!

She just released her 11th book and has started a publishing company! Go girl!

Along with that she has just started an online writing class called “Write Your Life: The Magic of Journaling”.

Here is a course description from her blog:

“This course focuses upon cultivating an intentional approach to writing in a journal, which ultimately gives voice to the narrative of your life. By means of specific writing exercises you will put pen to paper to begin developing a theme and structure that serves to build your life’s narrative while igniting your inner reflection and imagination. This class prepares you to write your own story and further, to keep writing your story, in a way that enables you discover and appreciate the unique gifts and perspective that you alone bring to your life’s sojourn. You will also develop your individual style and creative expression. You will work with a published author who has kept journals all her life and turned their contents into three published memoirs.”
If you are looking to brush up on your writing or want to have some fun, look into taking her class!

Check out her blog and her online writing classes here:

And here is a link to her publishing company:

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  1. Interesting. I’ll definitely consider taking a class with her online. As a writer, this will help me develop my voice. I am a chronic journaler, too. Always good to have resources like this. Thanks.

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