Supermodel Homes Walkin’ the Runway

While we were in Denver we went on a model homes tour. Yes, this is our idea of a good way to spend the afternoon.     🙂

There isn’t a lot of new home building in Boston, at least compared to Denver, so we don’t have these model neighborhoods to walk through. Well, let me tell you – it was fun! If you like going on historical home tours (ex: we’ve done the Newport Riverwalk, been to George Eastman’s house, Teddy Roosevelt’s summer house…) touring model homes is a similar experience.

But, instead of looking at old telephones, historical preservation and antique furniture, you get to look at crazy high-tech blinds, refrigerators the size of my bathroom and built-in espresso machines (this was a big hit with me!).

We saw the Shea Homes collection ( It makes me laugh that they can call their neighborhood a “collection”. I think about stamp “collections” or my “collection” of sea glass, but a whole neighborhood? Hah!

I think home staging would be a fun job! Each house had a “theme” and they carried it out throughout the house. For example, one house was “french country” and the kitchen was filled with cake domes displaying tasty (fake) french pastries.

(Sorry the lighting in the pictures aren’t great. The homes have mood-lighting and it was hard to take pictures.)

I’m not sure I understand the appeal of a wine cellar? However, this was lovely.

This reminded me of the ceramic apples and pears I have in my kitchen!

I thought my Mom would really like these star art pieces.

I love the wrapping paper storage! I wouldn’t mind a huge desk like this for all my projects!

All the pillows were like this picture below (fluffed and punched on the top). I don’t get it. I see this in a lot of magazines and blogs too. I guess I just like my pillows au naturale saying “come sit here! throw me around!”.

HOW CUTE is this kid’s room? Connect the dots! I love this! This could be an easy DIY project.

I neglected to take any pictures of the queen-mattress sized bathtubs (which I fawned over lovingly). Sorry! All in all, model home touring was a fun way and (key word here) free way to spend the afternoon!

However, with views like this I’d consider just sleeping in a plain old tent. Now if I can just find a tent with that built in espresso machine….

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  1. Try touring some of the Frank Lloyd Wright houses… great architect, and they usually have very interesting stories to go along with the houses.

  2. I think this weekend they are actually showing The Little Princess which I have not seen in years, and I’m trying so hard to convince my boyfriend to come with me.

    Where did you grow up?

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