DIY Project: Celebratory Bunting

HAH!! This weekend was Moose’s birthday, so we have decorations up in our living room. But I just realized they are EXACTLY the same as the flag bunting on the Withywindle image header.

To. the. tee.

I’m not kidding. Look!

The funny thing is that this just happened to be the colors of cardstock I had sitting around.

And, whw did I make the bunting?

1. Fold the paper in thirds and cut into triangles.

2. Thread yarn into a large eyed needle. String the triangles on the yarn alternating the color flags.

3. String up in a location that seems celebratory.

And you’re done! The great thing about buntings is they can be appropriate for any holiday or occasion.

Also, when the bunting is sewn loosely on the yarn (as seen above), the flags can be folded on top of each other so you can use them again (as opposed to attaching them flag-to-flag.).

P.S. This weekend was GORGEOUS! I’m done whining about sudden bursts of snow. D-O-N-E.