Publicolor: Engaging Students Through Color

Publicolor is a non-profit organization that engages teenage students in their education by involving them in bringing color into their school. They help create safe and empowered education environments to help students feel more excited about staying in school.


Publicolor is a NYC based foundation that was started in 1996 by an industrial designer, Ruth Lande Shuman, that is interested in the psychological effects of color. The program aims to inspire youth to seek education by promoting an imaginative use of color in school buildings.

“Its operations include the recruitment of disadvantaged students to paint the walls of their schools, and the awarding of financial rewards to some for their work.” – Wikipedia

Here are a few before and after photos:

This is an organization that I can get behind. Schools should be doing everything that they can to create a welcoming atmosphere for their students. I remember helping create a mural in my high school, and not only did we have a great time doing it, but every time I walked past the mural I felt proud that I was a part of it.

Involving these students in the process is a brilliant idea. It’s equipping them and inspiring them.

You can see how to donate on the Publicolor website. But, I would recommend seeing if you can get involved with a local school near you. I bet you could even get a local paint store to donate a few gallons.

That’s just my two cents for the day. ; )

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