I Official Declare Today the Beginning of:

Yard Sale Season!!

Check out my cool find:

It’s an old metal box with a glass window in the front and in great condition! I am going to use it in my kitchen to store large dry items like half-eaten bags of Tostitos, and rolls of rice cakes.

I’ve been trying to find some information on Delico Foods to find out some more about the box (which cost me a cool two George Washingtons).

All I’ve been able to find so far is this definition about the company from the trademark application:

Delicatessen specialties namely, food syrups, mustard, spices, soups, crystallized and powdered fruit and chocolate drinks, and puddings.

I also bought a rocking chair for $5! Right now it’s black with gold flowers on the top. I need to tighten up the one arm a little bit and I’m thinking about painting it. You may see it in a post in the future!

Have you started yard sale hunting yet this year?

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