Water for Elephants


I am brimming with excitement for Water for Elephants to release next Friday. If you haven’t read Sara Gruen’s book yet, go get it this weekend! RUN! Hunker down with a bowl of caramel popcorn and enjoy.

The story is about Cornell veterinary drop-out, Jacob, who mistakenly joins a traveling circus during the Depression. He is made the animal caretaker and meets Marlena, the beautiful show girl. Marlena is married to August, the violent and antagonistic ringmaster.

The story is filled with colorful images of crazy, carnival life and a huge, lovable elephant named Rosie. I always hate to give too much away when I recommend books or movies to people, so that’s all I’m going to leave you with. : ) I know. I’m annoying like that.

Here is the official movie trailer:


My excitement doubled when I saw these new photos in this month’s Vogue magazine. I don’t read Vogue, but I saw these photos of Reese Witherspoon online, who was cast as Marlena, and I am PUMPED!

Witherspoon is a perfect casting for how I envisioned Marlena. And look at ROSIE!!

Okay, enough. That’s all from me.

But really, it’s a good read. : )

And don’t forget the caramel popcorn.