Thoughts from a Bookworm

One of my favorite authors once said “you can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.” Say it again, Clive. Although I’ll admit, I occasionally substitute that tea for gummi worms.

As a kid I was a bookworm. The wormiest, as opposed to bookish. Bookish would imply that I was abnormally smart, rather than the scrunchie-wearing, craft-making, reading-fiend of a creature that I was.

I would read huddled next to my alarm clock with the little nightlight on after my lights were supposed to be out. I even remember reading by the little bit of light that peaked in from the hallway. And I wonder why my eyesight is so bad?

I still have this alarm clock. I can’t bear to part with it. The buttons are shaped like clouds and raindrops and the alarm is to the tune of “It’s a Small World”. I may or may not have used this clock through college.

I had a temporary reading lapse during the college years. Who has time to read for fun when you have to read endless pages for class? That didn’t last long. As soon as I was done with classes I picked up my trusty Lord of the Rings trilogy set and haven’t stopped reading again since.

Here’s my two cents on reading.

Read 25 Pages of Anything. I only started reading Twilight (and Harry Potter for that matter) at the bequest of a good friend. I can’t tell you how many books I’ve read that took me a while to get into, but ended up loving the book. I’m now (no apologies) kind of a twerd (Twilight nerd). Alright, not kind of. I am one. I thought vampire books were lame, now I love them. But that’s besides the point. I have Fyodor Dostoyevsky next to J.K. Rowlings next to Jane Austen next to Sophie Kinsella. The point is, read anything. It doesn’t need to be impressive, just enjoyable.

Not Interested? Put ‘er Down. I’ve stopped reading quite a few books after just 25 pages. Life is too short to read books you aren’t interested in. Move on. I am always reading 3-5 books at once. Some people think it’s crazy. Some books I finish in 2 days, others it takes me months to finish. If I don’t feel like reading it at that moment, I don’t.

Plus, it improves your memory, expands your vocabulary and you’ll already know the end of pretty much every movie that will ever be made.

That being said. I’m off to read. : )

11 thoughts on “Thoughts from a Bookworm

  1. Love the quote. Tea…book long enough. Clive? As in C.S.?

    I’m suspicious that there are more than two of us with several books going at once. I finally gave myself permission to do that because I enjoy having 3-5 going at once. Besides, where would I keep my bookmarks?

  2. Haha! Yes Clive as in C.S. I’m glad I’m not alone in my multi-book-craziness! But I am never patient enough to look for my bookmarks. Whenever I open up my books old receipts, photographs and magazine pieces fall out of them holding all my pages. I’m a mess!!

  3. You know, Jake swayed me there for awhile in the second one…particularly when he kept removing his shirt every 15 minutes. lol But, like you, I am Team Edward in the end!

  4. IMPOSTER! I see my darling Thorn Birds book in your photo and i know for a FACT you have not read it yet! hahaha Love you anyway… especially since you promised to read it soon! haha

  5. I definitely agree with the quote… and the urge to have more than one book going at once. I’ve always found that one book will be good for travelling, while another requires curling up in a comfy chair with a blanket. Why wait to finish one before you start the next anyways.

  6. Like. Like. Like. Putting a book down has always been the most difficult lesson for me – unless it is utter trash, I feel as though I owe the characters an apology for leaving them unresolved. On the other hand, I have just enough reading assigned for classes that my apologies are sincere, but succinct.

  7. I know!!! I’ve taken the first 2 steps! I bought a copy and it’s in a visible place taunting me with your voice in my head to read it. I won’t deny you forever Meggie. ; )

  8. Great post! Yes, like you and other commenters, I used to feel so guilty not finishing a book and still sometimes look at them on my shelf and wonder if I should try again. But like you said, life is too short. I know it might be blasphemous to say, but my Kindle has saved my reading hobby due to its ease. I thought I would miss turning pages, the “feel” of the book and all that good stuff, but I don’t. It’s fantastic!

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