My DIY Sewing Machine Cover

I have a secret. I have been procrastinating in a major way.

For Christmas I received a sewing machine. I was, and still am, pumped! I have always wanted to learn how to sew. I took quilting lessons the summer before college and made a t-shirt quilt. I really enjoyed it and ever since I’ve just done my sewing by hand.

My sewing machine has been sitting in our guest room since Christmas calling out my name. I have been looking at it longingly and even gave it a caress here and there. I was so intimidating that I kept putting it off. Yes, I have a whole file of patterns and projects I’d like to tackle, but I was far from starting.

Until today!

I forced myself to sit down and read through the instruction manual. I was identifying the bobbin, the feed dog, the foot, the needle plate, so on. Five YouTube videos later, I finally discovered where the bobbin went. I may or may not have called my husband in several times proclaiming “look what I did!! with each step”

Let’s just say it was a slow start.   : )

I’m sure there will be lots of posts about my sewing escapades in the future. You can learn with me or tell me how to do it better! My friend Audrey is also learning to sew and has been filling my inbox with links to fun sewing projects online so I will finally be able to join her. (I’m doin’ in Audge!! I’m finally learning!)

So here it is… *drumroll* My first project!

A cover for my sewing machine!! While the white plastic one that came with it was quite functional, it was lacking in feng shui. I love this fabric. It’s leftover remains from some chairs that I DIYed and it was the perfect size piece.

I have been saving this link from Martha Stewart for a while because it looked like a very easy beginners projects. And it was!

It’s not perfect, but it’s a start.

Hoorah! I feel better now. Now that I’ve started I feel like I can learn. The worst is over! I sewed something without breaking anything! Now bring on the projects!

Anybody out there a sewer? What should I do next?

One thought on “My DIY Sewing Machine Cover

  1. aHHHHhh I’m so proud of you!!!
    don’t be ashamed, it took me at least an hour to thread my machine the first time. Manual = BFF (close 2nd is the seam ripper, whoops)
    Good luck love! look forward to many more links hahaha

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