Project Runway: Princess Style

As you may remember from this post, I’m so caught up in the Will/Kate wedding craze I might as well be wearing a fake crown and talking with a fake British accent.

The William&Kate Lifetime movie may or may not be starting in 10 minutes and I may or may not be sitting on the couch waiting for it to start.

I’m planning on making scones and tea next Friday morning so I can wake up at the crack of dawn to watch the wedding. (Couldn’t they have had an evening wedding?) For the record, I will be calling my scones “crumpets”. This is the kind of activity only my Mom would understand. It must be genetic.

I stumbled upon (or pranced down the aisle in a very bride-y like fashion) this article where former Project Runway designers  submitted their fantasy designs for Kate Middleton’s wedding dress.

While I am anticipating excitedly to see what she ends up choosing, I hope she picks something that surprises us all. Here are some of my favorite drawings:

Some people have all the talent. Leanne can concept, sew AND draw a killer watercolor.

Ohhh Rami. Your folded fabric designs are so predictable but so lovely.

I’m sure Kate’s dress will be just lovely. But I’d still pick my own wedding dress over any of these! It’s actually a funny coincidence, my wedding dress looks a lot like a famous Princess Diana dress.

This is what is referred to her “Elvis dress” or her “Pearl dress”


I didn’t even notice until after our wedding and I was reading a Princess Diana biography. Too fun!

Well, there is a Will & Kate Lifetime movie calling my name. As well as some homemade cinnamon rolls I’m working on in the kitchen.

Cheerio Darling! (*said in British accent.)


8 thoughts on “Project Runway: Princess Style

  1. oh so genetic. would it be ok if your mom and i show up with her in her wedding dress and me in her bridesmaid dress holding some potted silk flowers? it’s been done before but for a Bachelorette Wedding Extravaganza. this is why your post cracks me up! in the meantime…. we’ll be practicing our british accents and baking our crumpets in preparation for the next upcoming event!

  2. I printed a bunch of wedding cupcake recipes from Martha Stewart. I was thinking a wee (oops! Irish, not British term — United Kingdom, I believe) bit of wedding cake would just top it all off with a 2:00am PST start to our little West Coast celebration. Might be genetic, but it is contagious, and I caught it in college. My royal wedding celebration hoodie just shipped from CafePress. And my best friend, LuAnne, is coming down from Seattle to eat scones and cupcakes. Jolly good! Perhaps we’ll watch King’s Speech for an encore. Probably nap!

    Fun website:

    I’ll see if that link comes out right. Not confident.

  3. Love it!!! I am definitely not caught up in this one the way I was with Charles & Diana, but it’s still fun to read about. I was very young and pretty romantic and naive back in those days, just like poor Diana. :** I hope this one works out, I really do! I guess I’ve become a little jaded over the last 20 years though–watching how the Royal Machine chews up young lovers and spits them out. Andrew and Fergie come to mind there…But hopefully these two are more mature at the age of marriage, and actually do love one another, are suited for each other, and can stand their ground unlike their predecessors!

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