Easter Decorating in a Pinch


Happy Easter Weekend! : )

I had high hopes of how I wanted to decorate our house for Easter weekend, but alas, none of it really happened. I was too distracted by hammering spoons, painting end tables, watching Royal Wedding specials and eating copious amounts of jellybeans.

I did manage to grab a few things from the grocery store, which can be a great alternative to decorative stores for last-ditch efforts at decorating. I spent about $10 and used things I already had. (That’s my favorite way of decorating!)

I wish I had thought of carrots! If you look at the picture above from Martha Stewart, I love the tiny little carrots on the dessert plates. Not practical, but super cute.

Dyed eggs just weren’t in the cards this year – so plastic it is! (That’s okay. Now I don’t have to eat hard boiled eggs for the next week.) Besides the eggs, I bought the colored straw and the jellybeans.

My favorite way to decorate last minute is to pick a few colors, and then gather anything I own that belongs in that color family. Bringing together objects of the same color (plates, bowls, ribbons, candles, candy, books, etc) will immediately look put together.

Another trick? I always save my holiday Martha Stewart magazines year-to-year. It’s a fun, holiday piece to put out and it gives me ideas of how I’d like to decorate that year. (Emphasis on “how I’d like to”, as none of it happened. I still had fun looking at it though! Isn’t that what counts?)

I’ve also found that baking treats never hurts in helping to put you in the celebrating mood. : )

I made my first Scandinavian Almond loaf last weekend. My husband’s Grandma gave me the pan and recipe for Christmas. My first one turned out pretty terrible. This one was delicious!

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter and get to spend it with family.    : )

PS. These placemats are reversible! How fun are they?

3 thoughts on “Easter Decorating in a Pinch

  1. Your table was very Martha Stewardish this morning for our Easter brunch!
    So adorable and delicious too!
    I do like those reversible placemats….wherever did you get them? 🙂

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