Spastic Curb Hunters Unite!

My name is Kat and I have a problem.

I am normally a safe driver. I’ve never gotten pulled over. I pay attention to drivers around me. I passed Driver’s Ed with flying colors. But, when a lonely piece of furniture on the side of the road enters my peripheral vision, forget about it.

“What is that!? Ahhh!”

“Do I need one? Can I fix it? Is someone else about to swoop out of nowhere and grab it from me?”

“Can I pull over here? Is that hardwood? Is there anyone driving behind me?”

Yep, that’s what was running through my brain when I found this bad boy.

I know, I know. She’s not pretty. I almost left her there in the sprinkling rainstorm. But, underneath the big crack, the scribbles and rough spots she was sturdy. I threw her in the trunk and stuck her in the basement for a month or two before she resurfaced to my memory.

Then one beautiful Saturday afternoon I was inspired. I filled in the crack on the front drawer and sanded her down (and then sanded her some more even though I’m impatient about things like that).

I used a Killz oil-based primer (Peeyeww!) to make sure the paint would hold tight. Then I used two coats of white latex paint (Behr). After that was totally dry, I put on two thin coats on Minwax water-based poly.

I think she looks pretty good. : )

For now I’ve kept the original brass hardware (which I cleaned with warm water and vinegar). But maybe the next time I’m at Home Depot another handle will strike my fancy.

I like the classic lines and clean white color of this piece. I was tempted to paint it sky blue or clover green, but I ended up picking white. Now I can find a bright-colored table lamp to use on top of it.

Store furniture is nice, but I like pieces I can fix up myself better.

Plus the price was right. $8 for the primer and $5 for the poly. Bringing my total to $13. But since I can use the materials for many other projects to come, I’m going to take that down to about $5 and one long afternoon in the sun.

: )

Are you a maniac like me? Or do you drive right by like a sane person?

3 thoughts on “Spastic Curb Hunters Unite!

  1. It looks great! I just bought a new house and don’t have a lot of furniture, I hope I can get creative like you and fill it with unique finds 🙂

  2. I do the same thing. i’ve currently got three really cool (and solid) chairs in my garage, waiting for me to reupholster them. It is amazing what people will throw out!

  3. I am SO impressed and jealous… I want to do that!
    that is all for now… i love it

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