Happy Royal Wedding Day


1. The wedding was just lovely and so beautiful.

2. The Queen wore bright yellow. She’s my new favorite person.

3. I wish I was British so I could wear funky, ridiculous hats to places.

4. Anything you say sounds better and smarter when you have a British accent.

5. Kate was a stunning modern Grace Kelly type of bride. Just beautiful.

6. I can’t believe ABC actually brought out a professional lipreader to figure out what they were saying to each other. That’s just silly. A friend and I were joking that they would. ABC was serious.

7.  Tea, while not as good as coffee, is a nice morning treat.

8. They are already talking about when Kate will produce an heir. Err… she’s not even out of the carriage yet! Leave her alone!

9. I foresee a trip to London in my future.

10. Happy Wedding Day to Wills & Kate. : ) I wish them the best and plenty of privacy from the press. Including myself.


3 thoughts on “Happy Royal Wedding Day

  1. Just got an e-mail from your mum. LuAnne (best friend), Brynne (housemate), and I are having tea and scones in tiaras, while we watch. Brynne’s husband is sleeping upstairs in their quarters and Glen is sleeping with dog, Sam, by his side, downstairs — missing the moments of regal ritual and grandeur. I’m wearing pearls, at your suggestion. I am soooooooooooooooooo sleepy, but it is worth it! Lipreading and all. Happy to have my British maiden name on this day! Great blog. The BIG question remains — can they dance like you and Brian? Or only aspire to it?!

  2. I must admit, I feel slightly giddy! 🙂 The dress was not the one I’d have picked for her, but she was still beautiful. Regarding #8, the tabloids said that an heir is already on the way–now wouldn’t that be modern!

  3. I ❤ you. Loved our wedding date together! And I seriously cannot believe they brought out a lipreader… we were right!

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