Top 9: Derby Day Play

Today was the Kentucky Derby. A big congratulations to Animal Kingdom, this year’s winner!

Q: Animal Kingdom, how do you feel about your horse name?
A: Nayyyy. Isn’t it a Disney Safari theme park? Unfortunately I don’t get much of a sayyyy in these things.

Q: So, are you tired?
A: Are you crazy?

*The above conversation never actually happened.

Did you think you’d had your fill of weird hats for the year? Well, you were wrong. Royal weddings aren’t the only time we crazy Americans get to bring out some awesome hatware. Perhaps one of the only American celebrations that provides this excuse is the Kentucky Derby.

I’ve always wanted to have a Derby Day party, but for some reason the rainy Boston weather never seems to invite cute dresses and mint juleps. Watching it on TV also erases a lot of the appeal. That is probably why this has remained a Southern tradition. I digress.

Here are my top 9 Etsy picks for Derby Day:

1. This horse trot wooden sign would be very cute tacked up outside your house. I love the weathered look of it.

2. Mint Juleps. Yum. Not only are Mint Juleps absolutely delicious and the quintessential Derby Day drink, but using this stirring spoon would make them even more of a speciality.

3. Rusty horseshoes remind me of my childhood home. We had a horse hanging above our doorway. It had been found in our yard by a previous owner because the land had once been a horse farm. You are supposed to hang them like a “U” so they “catch” all the luck pouring in.

4. Every winner needs a prize ribbon. And this one is made out of old maps! Kentucky maps, perhaps?

5. I love this hat! I need to get this hat. For next year’s Derby Day… and also for when Prince William and Duchess Catherine renew their vows.

6. Bow ties make me happy. They are like a little smile around your neck.

7. This necklace is beautiful! I love the rustic pewter quality of it.

8. This sweet wooden pin is a great way to show some Kentucky luuuuv.

9. This vintage hunting scarf is lovely. Pair this with a pretty white sundress and a swanky hat and I think I’m ready to go!

4 thoughts on “Top 9: Derby Day Play

  1. Wow, did you really have a horse hanging above your doorway in your childhood home? Wonder where was I living at that point??

  2. As a Kentucky girl, you did well with your list here. I’m impressed. I did a post today about the Kentucky Oaks, a treasured gem and somewhat “secret” in the Bluegrass, reserved (mostly) for native Kentuckians. Check it out here –

    Now that I’m married to a Texas team-roper and live in the Lonestar State, if you need old horseshoes, we have about 50 hanging in the barn. I never understood why people paid REAL money for particular items, specifically rusted horseshoes.

    If you’re interested in H20 or Philosophy products, I’m having a giveaway at my blog – ends May 13 – leave and comment and you’re instantly entered to win.

    Thanks for showcasing the Kentucky Derby, it’s an experience worth having twice in your life.

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