Day Trip: Letchworth Park

Every May it happens.

Within a matter of days everything transforms from the caterpillar-like barren state of April to the glorious butterfly of May spring. I love that day when it all becomes apparent – everything is green! Everything is blooming! Everything is lush and full once again!

I love the fullness of the four seasons when living in the northeastern region of the U.S. We get to experience every season at it’s fullest – whether it’s the bitter fierceness of winter, the lofty fragrance of spring, the lilting sunshine of summer or the earthy comfort of autumn.

This weekend finally felt like spring. Complete with lots of rain. (Hence the Texas hair. )

We spent Saturday afternoon at Letchwork State Park. Letchworth started as a 1000 acre estate donated to the state by William Pryor Letchworth and it has grown to a 14,000 acre park along the Genesee River (for 17 miles! whoa!) that is complete with gorges and waterfalls. The area that we visited was the Upper Falls in Castile, N.Y.

We began our visit with lunch at the Glen Iris Inn. The Inn was Mr. Letchworth’s residence and since been turned into a charming inn, gift shop and restaurant. Wouldn’t you love to sit on this porch and share a panini and lemonade with a friend?

The front lawn overlooks one of the waterfalls. We actually looked at having our wedding here.

The funny thing about this trip was that, because of all the rain the water is quite churned up, making the waterfall a b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l chocolate brown. Like Willy Wonka waterfall brown. Let’s just say I was looking out for Augustus Gloop. That’s how brown it was.

The Glen Iris was named for the Greek Goddess of rainbows and there are always rainbows because of all the waterfall mist. But of course today, no rainbow. Lovely nonetheless.

The gorge and many sidewalks are lined with stone walls. Feels just like home in Massachusetts! Except these walls were built by German POWs. Crazy, right?

I can’t imagine building these – they get so close to the rim of the gorge. Does this picture look like China to you? It did to me. But maybe that’s because I just finished reading The Good Earth.

Flowers were blooming everywhere! All of the lawns were filled with daisies and other picnic invitations.

I felt like I should channel Giselle and burst into song:

I hope you are all enjoying spring too!

Have you ever been to Letchworth State Park? Would you believe they call it the Grand Canyon of the East?

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  1. I’ve lived in Rochester for 5 years now and, sadly, I have yet to take a trip to Letchworth. I think I will make it a goal to get out there this summer at some point. I always see pictures of friends that have gone and it looks so beautiful amazing.

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