I Love Mail!!

I love getting mail. It’s right up there with ice cream and used books.

This weekend I got a surprise package delivered to me. The only thing better than mail is delivery boxes!

(I think this affinity towards mail is my leftover college hopes of having something in that lonely mailbox I subscribed to catalogs just to get something in my box. So sad. Haha!)

I opened it up and it was a gift from two of my Mom’s sisters! Hmm, what could it be?

Oh la la! I’ve always been a purse girl. And I’ve always been a polka dot girl.

And then I looked inside.

Ahh hah!

It’s a gardening bag!

Isn’t that sweet? I can’t wait to use it! I’ll be the most stylin’ gal in the yard.

Vegetable and herb gardening here I come!

One thought on “I Love Mail!!

  1. Oh wow! It’s adorable! I’m so jealous =D I just keep them in the back pantry and usually end up juggling them down the back stairs! I love how cute your mom’s family is! I think they should maybe adopt me! I mean, we got along so well during wedding week . . . it coudl work, rigth?

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