Reflection on Collection

I collect seaglass.

Not the kind that comes in a giant bag from Pottery Barn.

I pick it up piece by piece whenever I visit the beach near our house. I scan the sand beneath my strides, my eyes constantly peeled for that little sparkling reflection of glass amongst the rocks.

I stick it in my pocket until we return home. Then I toss it in a jar by our front door.

They add up quickly, don’t they?

This is one of my favorite collections.

When I was little I collected all kinds of things. Barbies, rocks, Pez holders, beads, stickers, pogs.

I didn’t accumulate these pieces in the mall. I found them all while walking on the beach with friends or family. Some of them are from my Mom, some are from my husband. Some I found while running on the beach and others I found while soaking in the sun.

Every piece is a memory of sand between my toes, distant sailboats, long beach chats with my husband or watching stormy clouds roll in.

I have found blue, green, white, purple, brown, pink and even “seapottery”.

The whites are my favorite.

I like this collection because it can keep going and going and going.

Sometimes I fill up a bottle and give it as a gift.

Somehow I don’t think a collection that was bought could be just as meaningful.

Or beautiful.

8 thoughts on “Reflection on Collection

  1. I like that you use your collection as something you can potentially give to people, instead of just tucking it out of sight in a closet every time you fill a bottle. It also seems like the collection is more about the memory than about the pieces of glass, which makes it all the more worthy of collection 🙂

  2. Thanks Lexy!!

    I think that’s why I like it so much. It’s a collection that springs from other things I love doing and not shopping (for once!).

  3. I did that years ago when going to my Mama and Pa Pa’s cottage for a week every summer. It’s been a long time since I thought of seaglass since I go to the mountains now every fall; no seaglass there!

  4. i love sea glass too, I am also a collector at heart, ever since I was little. Every beach vacation I collects seashells or sea glass or combo and bring home some sand too and put it in a glass jar to display and keep the memories with me!

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