Celebrating the Dawnzer Lee Light


Ramona the Pest. What a hoot. I always remember her singing about the “dawner lee light” and her favorite doll named Chevrolet.

Today’s post is all about celebrating the dawnzer lee light, or the dawn’s early light, about which we sing in our nation’s anthem.

The fourth of July might be one of my favorite holidays. Toby Keith sings “She loves decorating for the 4th of July but says everyday is independence day” and I agree with that sentiment 100%.

We (finally) bought a flagpole to hang our flag outside. There’s something about those red stripes and white stars waving in the air that makes me happy.

This is a house on our street. I love the flag and the red door!

Hehe – for your graphic design nerds like me: Did you know that the red, white and blue stripes are strictly defined as Pantone 193 C, White (Pantone safe), and Pantone 281 C.

That is this

and this

What I really love are buntings.


They make me feel like I live in this movie:


That’s Pollyanna in case you didn’t know.

Happy Almost 4th-ing!

5 thoughts on “Celebrating the Dawnzer Lee Light

  1. I think the 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays also. I enjoyed the Toby Kieth quote — new to me. The photo of the house/flag/door on your street — that captures the tone of the time. NIce! I think I “pinned” bunting to a Pinterest board. Happy 4th! Our flag will be out.

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