Dorm Living Throwback: Window Shop Wednesday

My freshman dorm room was an explosion of hot pink and green. Luckily, my randomly assigned roommate also happened to choose hot pink and green. Our room was a madness of bright colors, patterns, Hanson music (did I just say that one outloud?) and goldfish (RIP Frank).

I lived in the basement floor of my building, affectionately called the “She-Pit”. It was fun. It was quirky. It was… grody. Living in the basement increased the humidity, so our posters were always falling down (because of course we had to use sticky tack. No tape allowed!).

Also funny, a few of the older dorms on campus (like the one I was living in) were built in the 1960s on some type of government grant. The grant elected to cover all the building expenses, except for furniture. And they defined furniture as anything that touches the floor. Naturally.

So, of course, all of our “furniture” was bolted to the wall, hovering about 8 inches above the floor (and thus covered).  No, I’m not kidding. My bed was a big plank sticking out from the wall. And you couldn’t move anything. Except for the desk chair.

So where am I going with this again? Ahhh yes. It’s that time of the week again – Window Shop Wednesdays with The Katie Chronicles! Today we are window shopping at Bed, Bath and Beyond – the holy grail for dorm living accessories. I was feeling nostalgic. So today I decided that I will window shop for a “dream dorm room”. (…Like I’d ever give up that pink and green. It was awesome.)

I would start with this fun Amy Butler Dream Daisy Duvet Cover! I love the fun peacock colors and graphic flowers.

Since my bed would be so amazingly comfy, I would need this Timex® Wacky Shake & Wake Alarm Clock. (True story: When I had my very, very first test in college I slept through it. Oh, I cried. I needed this clock. Do they make clocks that start punching you in the stomach when you don’t get out of bed?)

I would also need this Real Simple Laundry Tote. I love the fun colors and it looks big enough to hold a semester’s worth of dirty clothes.

To beautify my cement block walls, I would put up these Round Mirrors Framed In Black. Hung up with 3M sticky hooks of course.

And lastly, I would need this Indoor/Outdoor Travel Blanket. I would use it to watch soccer games on the quad, outdoor movies, going to the beach or whatever collegiate antics I may be up to.

I would NOT need the all-nighters and cafeteria food though. Those I am happy to leave in the past.

What did your dorm room look like?

5 thoughts on “Dorm Living Throwback: Window Shop Wednesday

  1. Lol, oh man…I miss undergrad grilled cheese. Our cafeteria used to make the best friggin grilled cheese on the planet. And midnight breakfast during finals…mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

    I LOVE that alarm clock, but I have the distinct feeling that it would be way to easy to chuck against a wall when it went off. That would be bad. 🙂

    Thanks for joining us this week, doll! 🙂

  2. Love me some Amy Butler fabrics! I had the cinderblock/ bolted down furniture style dorm room, too. I opted for a neon green and orange… It sounded like a good idea at the time. Yikes!

  3. My dorm room was all grays and blues – the height of the decor being the impressive collage I made on my wall over the course of the year. Pictures, quotes, comics, flags, whatever. I think in a lot of ways, I was trying to pull together all the different pieces of my life with that thing, trying to honor and remember everything. I think I had a different bedspread just about every year – first faux-denim, then a suedy-tan, then a suedy-brown…. all very soft and cozy. Looking back, I think I focused on textures more than colors then.

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