Boom! That Closet is Outta Here!

I showed you guys my amazing, technicolor kitchen last week.

It’s been primed white (good bye weird mustard walls!) and the cabinet doors have been all taken down and the cabinet bases and trim painted (Valspar, Swiss Coffee).

My technicolor kitchen had a catch. When it came to the refrigerator space we were less than impressed. The house didn’t come with a refrigerator, but the spot was pretty gnome-sized.

After looking at the refrigerators (by which we had limitations on the height, width and depth!) we started to think outside the box.

We had a coat closet in the hallway that backed up against the kitchen wall. Now that we have everything looking prim and like you might think about eating in here…

We decided to bash a huge whole into the wall!

No more coat closet!

It’s work in progress, but sometimes you have to think outside the box.


Our new fridge just arrive! I can’t wait to plug it in and have some homemade ice cream. (Remember my summer bucket list!? I am quite behind!)

3 thoughts on “Boom! That Closet is Outta Here!

  1. Haha! Love it. Just when you thought you were done, walls gotta come down! Can’t wait to see the finished product. The primer looks WAY better than the mustard already 🙂

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