[Rooms] make me happy when [they] are gray

I am having an identity crisis.

I am unafraid of color.

My car is cherry red. My dishes are sunshine yellow. My wedding shoes were peacock blue. Clearly, I like bright colors.

So why am I tempted to paint my bedroom gray?

(Sidenote: Is it gray or grey? What is the difference? After I quick Google search I have determined “gray” is the Americanized spelling of “grey”. So, gray is a color and grey is a colour.)

Look how pretty and dreamy these gray/grey rooms are:

I know gray has been gaining in popularity the last few years and is probably “like, so totally over”, but I like it. And I don’t really pay attention to trends.

I think I really like how gray walls make colors really pop.

I’d probably never do a charcoal like this, but beautiful!

I’m now seeing the color I once thought was moody, stormy and generally “meh” as frothy, dreamy and “ahhhh”.

Have  you ever painted a room gray?

Do you spell it gray or grey?

8 thoughts on “[Rooms] make me happy when [they] are gray

  1. I really like Bennington Gray (Grey?) from Benjamin Moore. We, when all is said and done, have painted most of our home in two shades of that, depending on accent walls, some area between a near ceiling chair rail type thing and crown molding, etc. However, this “grey” is a stone color/khaki/hint of sage gray. So, don’t be fooled by the name, if in fact Benjamin Moore still calls it by that name. I say, whatever you like, try it. Paint is cheap, and lighter colors can be redeemed if it wears on you.

  2. I scrolled through this post quickly at first and saw two – count ’em, TWO! – nursery photos. I quickly went back up to the top to read the article. Phew, not what I was thinking…

    I *love* gray. I would paint my bedroom gray if it wasn’t already tan 🙂

  3. I love the idea of gray walls – especially charcoal. I have a secret goal of never repeating a color in a bedroom, and charcoal was next on my list for this house… until I saw the lighting in my room. I have one (big) window right under a huge, leafy tree – so it’s beautiful, but diffuses the light in my room and makes it dark. I ended up going with more of a pear color, a yellow-green, that pulls in and bounces the warmth of the sunlight around… but I am anxious to do charcoal next! I love the contrast with the gray and the white trim, and look forward to having bright color pops in whatever shades I want. The other benefit of having gray walls is that you can change your color pops any time you want – the gray will go with them all! 🙂

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