All Those Little Things: Project Brain Dump

Warning: Super Random Tangents Lie Ahead

A lot of what we are working on in the house lately isn’t post-worthy what-so-ever. Most of the projects we work on take 4 times longer to prepare for until you can actually work on something. Things like sanding and Home Depot trips and truck borrowing take a lot of time. Not to mention the cleaning up of sawdust, spackle on the floor and crud that gets dragged all over the house from our shoes. We like to clean up after every project because, you know, we eat and sleep here.

Here is the random conglomeration I’ll be sharing today.

*High Five* to me! I officially made my first pie from scratch.

I froze some of our (10 pounds) of blueberries that we picked in July so I decided to make a blueberry cream pie. I used this recipe.

In the words of Moose, “this is definitely the best thing you have ever made“. I agree and will be making it again someday – although not too soon, because this recipe isn’t exactly fat-free.

You may remember me mentioning the crazy DNA-structure-like garden walls in our overgrown backyard. Earlier this summer we dug out about 100 cinderblocks and were able to get rid of them on Craigslist. After getting 25 email inquiries about them, I began to wonder if I should have tried to sell them.

Now that we’ve finished digging out all the brick slabs (Yep. About 300 of them.) I’m going to see if I can sell these puppies. If not, I suppose I’ll list them for free and hopefully we able to get rid of them. (I think I lost about 10 pounds moving all of these. They are heavy!)

Hurricane Irene lives on in our yard. Between the huge tree that fell down in our yard and the hurricane, our backyard is looking worse for the wear. We have this pile of firewood that is waiting to be chopped and we have another pile of brush that is, oh, about the size of small school bus.

Last weekend I was in Stone Harbor, NJ with two of my best friends. It was a good time! I won’t be doing a feature on Stone Harbor like I usually try to do because, well, most of the weekend we sat around in our pajamas gabbing, reading and coercing someone into watching Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman.

Stone Harbor is a must-see. We also spent an afternoon in Cape May (where I grew up going). We went to The Lobster House at Fisherman’s Wharf, where I took this picture of my delicious clam chowder and shrimp.

Courtesy photo of Sully:

In other news, we bought three exterior doors, a new dryer because ours went kaput, a new mattress and we purchased and planted 15 bushes.

I have officially started hanging up some artwork in the house (because, you know, we’ve only lived here for four months) and have started making some curtains (and failing).

And our front garden has become a baby-chipmunk preschool. They are cute and wobbly and all over the place.

I experienced IKEA for the first time a few weeks ago. It was fun! We laughed, we cried, we ate Swedish Meatballs. We also brought home this Fillsta pendant light since the hole in our bedroom ceiling wasn’t cutting it anymore. I’ve also come to realize what a valuable skill it is to know how to do electric work. Thank you Moose! I would still be living with that ancient, creaking ceiling fan if it weren’t for his brain.

Off and On

AND today we had gutters put on our house. Our house was sans gutters which was causing all kinds of drainage problems.

Their slogan made me laugh. : )

I feel like I should be more excited because gutters don’t exactly come from the Dollar Store, but a gutter is a gutter is a gutter.

And lastly, look out world, I’ve started Christmas shopping. THIS is going to be the year that I am done shopping early and will avoid the crazy parking lots!

Happy Weekend Everybody!


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    Yes, this is Michael and gracehepburn coming to you live from SH and still going strong on our Dr Quinn-never-ending-marathon!! We miss you so so soooo much! When you’re not with me, my skies are gray…. literally.

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