Creepy Crawlies

I was a weird kid.

After it rained I would “save” all the worms that crawled on to the driveway by putting them back on the lawn. I am not afraid of earthworms.

(By the way, did anyone else play the computer game Earthworm Jim? I still have the CD.)

I am, however, afraid of snakes. Okay, not just afraid. A-man-with-a-rusty-chainsaw-is-chasing-me afraid.

Today, I discovered, I am also afraid of earthworms the size of snakes.

You see, our backyard is an earthworm haven. A previous resident was quite the gardener, so they have been welcomed, nurtured and undisturbed for quite a long time.

Today I was raking and, because I was disturbing their homes, they were wiggling all over the place. And they wiggle fast.

I didn’t take a picture because I was too busy crying in the corner. And I’m not going to post a picture because just looking at the Google image search results for “huge earthworms” gives me the heebie jeebies.

This leads us to another worm-related topic of the day.

Today we bought a compost tumbler! (Specifically the Lifetime Compost Tumbler at Costco.)

I have been wanting to compost for a while but our previous living situation wasn’t conducive to composting.

There were a few reasons we decided to purchase a tumbler (as opposed to make one on the cheap). Tumblers help turn over the contents to compost more quickly. They also save you time, as you only need to turn the tumbler over for a minute or so every day instead of getting out a shovel and manually stirring up your compost pile.

Lastly, moisture and odor are kept inside the bin, instead of the pleasant scent wafting around our yard. This will also keep animals away.

Composting will be a great help for our vegetable garden we hope to plant next spring (our yard is still in a state of disrepair) and will also help big time with our trash situation. Instead of having a garbage pick-up, we need to take our garbage to the town dump. Not having to transport all that decomposing material will help a lot!

I should mention, we will not be using this to compost leaves and sticks. We have a corner of our woods where we compost those. This compost tumbler will be for food-related waste.

I have been doing some research and stumbled upon many things I didn’t realize you could compost:

  1. Toothpicks
  2. Wine Corks
  3. Old loofahs
  4. Egg cartons
  5. Dryer Lint
  6. Vacuum Contents
  7. Old Matches
  8. Fireplace Ashes
  9. Hair
  10. Party Streamers

We shall see how this adventure goes!

Does anyone have any composting advice?

2 thoughts on “Creepy Crawlies

  1. My daughter – 8 – loves all creepy crawlies. Her current fascination is with snakes — particularly king cobras. Good info. about composting. My sister and a few of my aunts do this.

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