Gallery Wall

If renovating was a race, our dining room would be in the lead. Not that that’s saying much!

So far we’ve stripped the wallpaper, painted the walls, trim and ceiling and added the beadboard wallpaper. I’ve also painted all the cabinet bases.

We still need to refinish and hang the cabinets, install the drawer pulls and change out the swirly chandelier for a drum shade chandelier we bought, oh, in June. I just bought fabric to make our curtains (yay!).

Our dining room walls are nearly all doorways, windows and cabinets except for the one long wall along the stairwells going up and downstairs. We plan to put in a gallery wall of frames – and there are so many options!

Today I’m pondering a few directions we could go.

1. Black and White Asymmetrical

I’m not sure how I feel about black frames in this room. It’s already to airy with the pear walls and white trim. I do like the jumbled look of this layout. You can see where they started with the center line and started “growing” out from it.

2. Mirrored Surroundings

There is also the possibility that we could buy a large mirror, to reflect all the light coming into the room, to anchor all of the smaller frames.

3. Lean-To

I think this is my favorite so far. It’s the most non-committal. It’s always nice to avoid hanging frames in the wrong place and filling the wall with holes. For this option we could install two narrow ledges and leave frames against it. On second thought, would I be concerned about frames falling over and the glass breaking? Hmmm…

4. Grid Lock

This is the most simply and straightforward gallery wall option. I do like the symmetry of it, but I think I would dislike having all the photographs the same size.

Do you have a wall of photos? Which one do you like best?

3 thoughts on “Gallery Wall

  1. Katharine… Love how you think and Love your ideas.
    In one house we had a Hall of Fame… Pictures were plaque mounted and then mounted on the walls with heavy duty velcro. It was an honor if you made it to the Hall of Fame! Kids would ask if they could be in it!! There was little wall to see because it was pictures all the way to the ceiling. = D

    In this house we have wall shelves along the stairs and pictures are sitting on the ledges. I have them staggered on top of one another to give some depth. It is lovely not to have to put holes in the wall and to be able to change pics.

    Can’t wait to see what you choose!!

  2. i use chalk to mark out hte outlines of the paintings i want to hang… useful when trying to go for the asymetric version of things. helps to avoid you hanging things and deciding you don’t like it there (because, i agree, patching holes in the wall is a pain!)

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