Island Inspiration

Our kitchen renovation is continuing to progress slow and steadily. Emphasis on the slow.

While we aren’t making much visual headway, we actually have made quite a bit of planning progress.

We purchased our faucet last weekend (woot woot to the Lowe’s clearance rack!). I also went through our cabinets and windows with a tube of paintable caulk to fill in a few more cracks and leftover holes from my initial pass through.

We’ve also picked out a sink and (I think) our countertop. We’re going with a gray granite. And, those of you whom I am Pinterest buddies with will notice, I’ve been starting to look at backsplash tile as well. Because, you know, it’s not like I ever get ahead of myself or anything.

We’ve also got a lot of small projects like lighting, replacing the outlets, radiator painting and disposal replacing to do.

We’ve been looking at kitchen lights for months. You’d be surprised how little you can live with. I have one lonely, naked lightbulb in the middle of my kitchen ceiling for cooking dinner. Suffice it to say, we’re not purchase-this-for-the-interim kind of people.

On to bigger kitchen news, I think we’re killing our cabinet project. As in, we’re looking at getting new cabinet doors but keeping the cabinet bases.

When push comes to shove, when we sell this house (funny how all the decisions you make about your home have so much to deal with selling it), we will have made a much better investment in purchasing new cabinet doors. While we did put a lot of sweat equity into refurbishing the old cabinet doors, we didn’t make much of a financial investment besides wood filler, primer and paint. Also, since our house is in the potential lead paint era, we’d rather be on the safe side.

*Phew* I know how to ramble, don’t I? All this to say, that blue tape square you see on the floor is where we want to put a potential island.

I have a few things I’m looking for:

1. A nice drawer. Thanks to our custom 1950s cabinetry, we don’t have any drawers wide enough to fit a silverware organizer.

2. Seating. Since we opted NOT to make this an eat-in kitchen, I’d like to have a stool or two to sit on while I’m hanging out in the kitchen.

3. An open bottom. I think. Since we have a smaller kitchen, I’d like to maintain the visual flow of the room without creating a blockade in the center of the room.

Some inspiration images I’ve been pondering:


I love the combination of the homey, warm wood tones with the white cabinets. Although I think I’d want a straight, chunkier leg so it looked less like an end table.


Repurposing an old piece of furniture could be fun too! We could order extra granite if we wanted the countertops to match.


The white with white is also quite clean and pretty.


But, as much as I love the clean white look, I can’t seem to escape my love for color!

So many things to ponder, so little time.

I had Moose bring up a huge cardboard box (that contains a someday-to-be-installed bathroom vanity) to get used to the idea of an island in the middle of our kitchen before we commit. I love it so far!

Speaking of islands… on this cold, dreary and rainy day I’m thinking of other islands. Particularly a little place called Jamaica.

And wishing I was there! Is it time for honeymoon #2 yet?