A Gut Feeling

(Alternative title: “Vonderful Gut” – Mom, that’s for you.)

Kitchens and bathrooms. People on HGTV loves their kitchens and bathrooms.

When we bought this house, we knew we’d be heavily renovating our kitchen and both our bathrooms.

Want proof? Check out our groovin’ powder room. (For the record, this room is incredibly hard to take a photo of.)

The powder room—typically a main-floor half-bath with a sink, a toilet, and a mirror—is often the home’s smallest room, averaging just 4 feet by 5 feet. Yet, if you measure its worth by the amount of traffic a room gets per square foot, the powder room could be the most valuable space in your house.” – KOHLER: Planning Tips

Our powder room was riddled with issues.

  1. The sink was non-standard depth and the countertop is built into the doorframe molding.
  2. The toilet was wedged underneath the countertop and next to the sink making for a very comfortable seating arrangement. (Who wouldn’t want to rub shoulders with the handsoap while on the john?)
  3. Unused space to the left of the commode.

Not to mention the Barbie-flesh colored walls, enormous, broken medicine cabinet and shiny chrome light fixtures.

Right away we ditched the awkward extending countertop.We, er Moose, took it off with a Sawzall Reciprocating Saw.

We also knew we wanted to move the toliet. The current set up was making very poor use of the space. The current vanity was 14 inches deep and 23 inches wide. They don’t even sell vanities or sinks that small! After discussing our options with the plumbers, the floor structure gave us only one other option – to put it right beneath the window.

While I would have liked to put it on the weird angled wall, the floor joists were in the way (read: more $$$) so in front of the window we went.

Now, I love me some natural light, but why put a huge window in a powder room? Isn’t that the one room you’d like a little privacy in?

(Remember, no counter space, that’s why the tissues are TP are oddly sitting on top of the commode. We had a large group of friends over for a BBQ a few months ago and were trying to make the best of the situation.)

(I feel oddly uncomfortable posting this photo.)

Let it be known, this powder room is never used. Thus, our powder room has sat untouched like this for the last four months.

Moving the toilet left us with a dinner-plate sized hole into our basement. It was one classy powder room. Let me tell you.

Until this weekend.

Peace out powder room!

As you can see we, errr Moose while I was in Chicago, ripped out everything but the drywall. Which leaves us with a nice (not-quite-clean) slate.

We you can see, we (loosely) have the following projects to take on:

1. New flooring

2. Repair drywall

3. Install new vanity/sink/faucet

4. Install new toliet

5. Paint. New mirror. Install lights, TP bar and towel bar.

So far we have a vanity and sink. When we found one the right proportions (due to the wonky nonstandard sink depth) at Home Depot we snatched it right up.

We purchased this St. Paul Del Mar vanity. We were scoping it out at Lowe’s for a while where it was on sale, and then found it at Home Depot for a steal.

Most sinks have a minimum of an 18″ depth. We needed something no more than 15″ (or else the vanity would stick out past the door). This sink is the perfect solution! The vanity and starting point of the sink profile is 15″ deep, and the sink bows out to 18″ in the middle – giving us a substantially sized sink. Also, the vanity is 30″ wide, giving us a bit more counter (you know, so the tissues don’t have to sit on top of the toilet.)

As far as aesthetics go – that’s as far as we have gotten!

I think I’ll be taking Pinterest by storm and share whatever ideas I find. : )

Do you prefer the term “powder room” or “watercloset” or perhaps “the loo”?

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  1. I’ve seen that vanity before – a lot of the homes I viewed when house hunting had it – which is a good thing because you know it’s a good value & really practical. I’m excited to see your progress, I want to re-do our main floor bathroom next year 🙂

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