“When Life Gives You Lemons, Make a Woodpile”

“When life gives you lemons, make a woodpile,” were the wise, tired, work-riddled words out of my husband’s mouth after a long, long day of yardwork.

Due to a few freak weather incidents this fall, we have gotten slammed with yardwork the last several months.

Call me naive (or just oblivious), but when we bought this house I was so focused on the work INSIDE the house I totally forgot about all the work on the OUTSIDE. Maybe that’s why I’ve had so few exciting house updates to share with you.

We don’t have a light in our kitchen because we’ve been too busy buying axes and chainsaws and leafblowers and snowblowers.

Yep. Man tools. They really eat into that superfluous decorating budget for lampshades and curtains.

I must admit, I love using our leafblower. It’s soothingly therapeutic. I believe I listened to Miranda Lambert on repeat for 7 hours on Sunday afternoon while cleaning up our lawn. And the best part about using the leafblower is that I can sing to Miranda Lambert at the top of my lungs and no one can hear me. Not even myself. I just look like a crazy gal to everyone driving by.

Back to those lemons.

I shared with you back in July that we had a large tree get struck my lightening.

Then came Hurricane Irene in late August which stirred up a lot of brush and took down limbs.

Since then we’ve also had 4 large (dead) trees taken down (for safety reasons) by professional tree removers. But, because we’re cheap (can I say financially selective?) we had them leave the trunks for us to deal with ourselves.

And then came the freakozoid Halloween Thundersnow (yes, we got a foot of snow the day before Halloween).

Because the snow was so heavy and the leaves were all still on the trees, a lot of the trees cracked. We lost two more trees and boatloads of large limbs.

Basically, our yard looked like a lumberyard with a Slurpee brain freeze.

Oh, and did I mention we’re getting our driveway replaced? So we’ve got a VW Beetle sized pile of dirt in our backyard and a dirt pit for a driveway.

Lemons, lemons. Our yard was a big bowl of lemonade.

Back to my Miranda Lambert induced yardwork coma.

This weekend we rented a log splitter. Not only do we enjoy the occasional fire, but we also plan on heating our house on a wood-burning fireplace in the future. And boy oh boy, did we, errr Moose, split logs. I think that machine ran for 14 hours straight.

And we turned our lemons into wood piles! That is for sure!

Why yes, the entire underside of our deck is a big pile of logs. Why not?

As you can see in Pile #3, we still have a bit more to chop up and then we’ll need to stack it all.

Hopefully by next weekend our yard will be lumberyard-free!

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