The Kitchen Call of Paul Revere

“The cabinets are coming! The cabinets are coming!”

– The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere

Errrr, it went something like that, right?

Shortly after I shared that we were ditching our cabinet refinishing project, we opted to order new cabinet doors instead. They will be here soon and I couldn’t be more excited! Having lived with zero cabinets doors for six months, I can’t wait!

A brief note on open shelving:

Kitchens with open shelving are extremely popular right now. Having lived with 100% open shelving since May, I debated the concept for the first month or so and determined it just wasn’t for me. While it makes putting away dishes very easy, I just couldn’t handle seeing EVERYTHING all the time. Photos of kitchens with open shelving look very cute, but usually the shelves are staged to look nice. They don’t show the reality of the amount of dishes that we have (granted, we’re entertainers at heart, so we have quite a bit). And, I never had any problem with dust or residue.

We will be installing white Shaker doors with stainless steel knobs. The two doors flanking the sink will have a glass inset panel.

Similar to this:


WOOOO HOOOO!!! The end is in sight!

We’re also about to order our countertop and sink. We’re going with a white/gray/blue granite with flecks of black.

This is our color palette:

For the sink we are going with a large rectangular stainless steel undermount.

We purchased our faucet a few weeks ago off the (*drumroll*) Lowe’s clearance rack!! I believe we got about 75% off the original price!

The sink and faucet will look similar to this:


I’ve started looking at backsplash options, but I don’t want to get too ahead of myself (per usual).

We’ve also started looking at kitchen islands. We’re looking for a butcherblock top and something I can slide 2 stools under. When we get it we will also stain the top of our existing sideboard to they match.

I’d love to find something like this one:


We have found one option that might work, but I’m not sold. We’re obviously looking to find something for as cost-effective as possible.

We still need to find light fixtures too, but I am hoping everything will be wrapped up by Christmas!

The cabinets are coming! The cabinets are coming! The cabinets are…


Have you lived through a kitchen reno? Did it make you crazy too?

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  1. I love your kitchen backsplash! What material, size etc. is it? I’d like to know more details if you read this. Thank you!

  2. I’m trying to find out what the kitchen wall was in the original picture that lead me here. It looks like White Brick / Tile. Can you tell me?


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