Dining Room PROGRESS!

Back in September, I posted some mockups of different inspirational gallery-walls into our dining room.

We have this large wall in our dining room between the doorways to the front hall and the kitchen. The wall actually runs along the length of our staircases.

We opted to go with the assymetrical gallery wall look.

I purchased a ton of white frames from the Christmas Tree Shoppe, with the frames ranging from $3-6 per frame.

Then I followed the YoungHouseLove gallery wall tutorial.

I traced around all of our frames and make newspaper-sized templates of all our frames. Then I played around with them on the wall until I had a set-up that I liked.

Then I needed to hang the frames.

Now, I thought I had followed their tutorial, but now that I’m looking at their photos I definitely ignored their tutorial (and didn’t take in-process photos! Oh the agony!)

They measured out where the wallhanger was and made a little “x” where to put the nail:


I took the newspaper template OFF the wall and laid it over the back of the frame. Then I found where the wall hanger was and poked a little hole in the newspaper with the nail.

Then I put the template back on the wall exactly where I wanted it and I knew exactly where the nail needed to be.

Sorry for no visual accompaniment.

It was easy-peasy. The only hard part of the whole project was trying to add hangers to a few frames that were “standing-only” frames.

Suffice to say that I love it!

There is a bit more tweaking to be had, but it’s nice to finally get some art and photos on our walls in this house.

Moose did install a new thermostat. Thank you for noticing!

Actually, I always felt like the thermostat and dimmer looking like they were floating awkwardly. Now they feel more hidden.

At first I was a little nervous about having so many frames on the one wall, but it balances out the large wall of windows, wall of sideboard/cabinetry and huge chandelier (which I’m still undecided about).

My favorite part is walking in the front door! As soon as you look to the right it looks like we actually live here now!

Yay!! It’s only been 7 months, but it’s starting to look like home.

Why yes, those are new curtains you see. I have been holding out on you.

I made them out of Button Bloom, a line of outdoor fabric from Joann Fabrics. I believe I bought it on clearance at $5/yard. I call them “Fake roman shades”. Really they are just a valance with a fold and they hang on a tension rod.

(This room is extremely hard to photograph by the way. It’s so sunny, which makes it my favorite room, but all my photos are way too bright!

6 thoughts on “Dining Room PROGRESS!

  1. Adorable valances….awesome layout of frames! I couldn’t quite spot my photo….perhaps you are still adding more?! I could even be around the corner down the dark obscure hallway…:)

  2. Fantastic! My boss and other leadership have been trying to figure out how to configure several framed book covers given to us by a prominent New Testament scholar. I showed him how your asymmetrical gallery wall came out, and he loved it! Thanks for the tips. Your house is coming along beautifully!

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