This Way to Narnia

Well, technically lamp posts are the way home from Narnia.

Regardless, we have a lamp post in our yard. I’d like to think Mr. Tumnus lives in the tree nearby, but he hasn’t made an appearance yet.

The lamp post in the yard was slightly worse for the wear.

Please overlook the terrible photo. I thought I had one of the lamp post, but all I could find were these pictures I took when we had our huge dumpster and it was in the corner of this one.

Don’t worry, you’re not missing much.

While the post was worn looking, the glass was a little cracked and the CFI lightbulb was quite charming, the basics were still in good shape.

Instead of replacing the new pole, we gave the existing (already installed, working and sturdy) one a facelift with Rustoleum Rust-Prevention glossy black spray paint.

We also purchased a new lamp… topper? What is the appropriate vernacular here? Lamp head? Lamp shade? Lantern?

Yes, I believe we have a winner with “lantern”.

We found this one on sale at Lowe’s with brought it down to about $40 with a 10% off coupon.

Moose changed the lantern one afternoon and we were in business!

Considering new posts go for upwards of $100, I think this will do just fine!

The Narnian time-continuum shall continue.

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