O’ Christmas Tree!

Today another blog I follow, Honey We’re Home, is hosting a Holiday Cheer Blog Party!

Today we are sharing our Christmas trees and I’m linking up!

Last weekend we drove to a tree farm and chopped down our tree – the real way to get a Christmas tree! The weather was gloriously warm and perfect tree-chopping weather.

And here is our tree this year. It makes me smile and the aroma is pure heaven. You can smell it all the way upstairs. If I could smell anything for the rest of my life I would choose freshly cut evergreen. Hmmmmm, *deep breathe*.

Our tree is not a tree of swanky style or planned color coordination. Our tree is a tree of stories.

I like to decorate with ornaments that have a story behind them and are reminiscent of a memory.

My parents started this tradition.

Every year we would open up an ornament on Christmas morning and it would pertain to something we had done that year. We have a painted shell from our honeymoon, I have a heart covered in sheet music the year I took piano lessons and I have 3 ornaments that are red VW Beetles.

We’ve inscribed the year of receipt on most of them.

Each branch is covered in a memory.

I look forward to decorating our tree all year. It’s like looking through a photo album.

Wait for it, *Sniiiiffff, ahhh evergreen*.

While I’m at it, I thought I’d share some of our Christmas decorations!

I added snowshoes to the mirror (Christmas Tree Shop, go figure!) and hung our stockings. I took some of my green and red hardcover books and added them around the room. Then I took extra evergreen boughs from the tree farm (for free!) to the mantle.

I also bought a bag for cranberries for $1.99 and made a few strings!


And you can’t take your decorations too seriously!

‘O Christmas Tree, ‘O Christmas Tree, how lovely are your branches.

Do you have a tree? Are you a real tree or fake kind of person? White lights or colored lights? Twinkle lights or big fat ones?

*And one last big inhale.


5 thoughts on “O’ Christmas Tree!

  1. We don’t realize how deeply our Christmas traditions are rooted until we share Christmas decorating with someone that grew up in a different household. Following college my best friend and I got an apartment together and lived in perfect harmony until……Chrisrmas tree shopping together!! We both browsed around for things separately and then met up to see what we came up with. Well, I had lovingly gathered a long needle tree, big colored bulbs, and icicle tinsel. In her arms were tiny white lights, rope tinsel, and a short needle tree. Heresy in my opinion!! Both of us were a bit dug in to what we thought the perfect Christmas tree should look like…identical to the one we had celebrated around all of our childhood years. We finally came up with a few compormises and were in hysterical laughter over the outing by the time we were riding home….windows rolled down in the fridgid Chicago weather in my 2 door Pinto with our first tree stcking out the side of the car. It had never occured to us how we were getting this 6 foot plus tree home!! Good memories, right CIndi?!

  2. Very good memories, DP! Last night, prior to even reading your comments here, Glen and I had passed a small car with a tree roped to the roof, windows down so passengers could hold on to it. That triggered the memory. I do remember laughing and laughing all the way home. I recalled to Glen last night how fun it was to ride home with a tree that night long ago, windows down so it would fit, freezing and hanging on to it. I had never experienced that. We had not had a live tree since I was very, very young. Lessons learned and life enriched!

  3. I seriously think we grew up in the same house! My tree is also stories. Every year my grandparents would give us each an ornament (usually part of our given hallmark collection) on Thankgiving to put on the tree. And definitely colored lights over white, though sadly our tree this year is white lighted 😦

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