Porch Ceiling Re-do: Part I

Earlier in November we (aka Moose) worked on the porch ceiling. The ceiling (which was pop-corny and ugly) had quite a bit of water damage and was sagging at the seams.

And while ceiling fans can be quite charming on a nice Southern porch on a hot day… this one left a lot to be desired.

(As you can sort of see in the arches, we ripped out all the screening and staples… but that is another project to talk about another day.)

The first step was to rip everything down.

This was messy. And I love our Shop-Vac like my first-born.

That was pretty much where my help ended. You see, I am vertically challenged.

Short, that is.

And since this project required two tall people, we had our tall friend come over and help us for a few hours.

First they put up plywood and used a nail gun to nail it into the studs.

Then we purchased some outdoor beadboard sheets. They used LiquidNails on the back and used the nail gun to attach it to the ceiling.

And we also installed this $10 light from Home Depot.

And that’s as far we we have gotten.

Now it’s too cold to finish it. Come spring we will put up the molding and probably paint it white.

The final result will look something like this:


Maybe then it will be hot enough to enjoy a glass of lemonade on the front porch.


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