Party Ideas for a Swanky Magazine Swap


In my humble opinion, the state of a town’s library says a lot about the town community.

I love the library. Love-it-wearing-my-nerd-glasses-with-masking-tape-on-the-bridge love it.

I have been fortunate enough to live within walking distance to a library since I was in high school. Plus, they are free!

I’m still “getting to know” my new town library and sometimes I really miss my old, quaint, stone library two doors down from our old apartment. One new feature of my new library is a magazine swap rack. I love it.

In the entrance is a big shelf full of magazines people drop off when they are finished with them. And they are free to take! Like today, for example: I dropped off five old Martha Stewart magazines and I picked up three Country Living, one Flea Market Finds and one Real Simple. I will read them when I have the time and then I can take them right back to the swap shelf. It’s a beautiful thing.

My deep love of the magazine rack got me thinking. How fun would it be to have a magazine swap party?

You could invite 15 people over and if each person brought 3 old magazines, everyone could leave with one or two new options to peruse at the gym next week.

You could decorate with old magazine pages, like this cool DIY magazine starburst wreath from Rag and Bone.


or this cute garland.


Your guests could put their drink of choice down on a magazine-woven coaster.


And if you’re really careful you could even serve snacks out of these magazine page bowls. Add a lining perhaps?


Here’s to bringing back the periodical swap!


6 thoughts on “Party Ideas for a Swanky Magazine Swap

  1. Such a great idea! i have a lot of old Magazines that I don’t need anymore, and would love to trade them out for some new ones. Good thinking!

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