Beadboard in the Kitchen

Our kitchen has come a long, long way from where we started. (Hoorah!!) But there still are a few spots where it iss… showing it’s age, shall we say? A few gray hairs.

The wall where the sideboard is (where the refrigerator originally went – can you believe it?) was a disaster when we were taking down the wallpaper. There were big strips of glue remnants from who-knows-what, in addition to cracks, lumps and gouges. I would love to know what was there once upon a time!

We did our best to patch it up with spackle. And we did a pretty good job. I don’t think anyone who has been in our kitchen has ever noticed the remaining “gray hairs”.

But while working in the kitchen this weekend, we had our strong worklight on and that baby cast light so bright that all the flaws in the wall were screaming “LOOK AT ME, KAT! YOU MUST FIX ME OR I WILL DRIVE YOU CRAZY!”

It’s like looking at your pores in a magnifying mirror. Don’t look too closely.

But I knew they where there. And I couldn’t leave them. So I started to spackle some more of my almost finished kitchen.

I sanded it down and touched it up with our wall color (Olympia, “Astral”).

Then I did something … impulsive.

I put up beadboard wallpaper. And I love it.

Usually before we make house decisions I think about it for weeks, if not months beforehand. I thought about this for, oh, an hour?

We added a chair rail to finish it off and matched it to the height to the countertop backsplash.

We love it and it looks like it’s always been there.

Since I already had most of the supplies on hand, this project only cost us $10 (for the pre-primed molding).

And did you notice we stained the top of our sideboard? More on that exciting project tomorrow!


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3 thoughts on “Beadboard in the Kitchen

  1. it’s gorgeous – turned out really nicely, and really looks like something that ought to be in a kitchen. Kind of a country-chique thing. I want to see the finished product, the whole kitcheny enchilada!

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