Measuring Cup Cabinet: Variations on a Pin

Ever since I joined Pinterest there is ONE idea I saw from here that I knew I needed to replicate. Now is the time!

I found this pin and I think it is genius!


This weekend was finally the time to make it happen.

I have dedicated the cabinet next to my oven as an easy-access supply station.

While I have other measuring cup/spoon sets near my mixer, I thought it would be very useful to have another set on hand right next to the stove.

However, I made a few changes to the original idea.

First, I was definitely NOT planning on putting any nails or screws into my new cabinet doors. Maybe someday, but for now these are my clean, brand new beauties and I will not bring a blemish upon them!

So what’s a girl to do? 3M hooks of course! (A college kid’s best friend. I got my room deposit back ever year, thank you very much.)

I purchased two packs from Target of these mini wire-hooks (actually called “utensil hooks”) for $6.00.

I also opted to skip the measurement labels – don’t most have them printed on the cup/spoon anyways?

Then I just eyeballed it and made sure that the door would close okay with hanging the cups in certain locations.

If you have never used 3M hooks, they come with sticky tabs. One side is for the hook and the other side you stick to the wall. (No worries about confusing them, it says “wall, wall, wall, wall, wall” on it.) I like 3M hooks because you can remove them from anywhere without any damage. Perfect for my new cabinets!

Inside the cabinet is where I keep my olive oil, my Misto (my favorite kitchen “thing” ever!), my timer and a few other frequently-used cooking odds and ends. I also keep my salt and pepper grinders in the cabinet.

I store them on top of two of those little tea bag holders to keep any stray grounds of salt and pepper from spreading all over the cabinet.

And that’s how I created a easy-access cooking supply station next to my stove for $6.00!



6 thoughts on “Measuring Cup Cabinet: Variations on a Pin

  1. Perfect idea! I would like having another set of measuring cups/spoons right next to the stove 🙂 … I still can’t get over how cute your S&P shakers are. And wow, tea bag saucers! what a smart idea!!

  2. Great idea. If I put the dishes away, I make sure to nest them but no-one else does that and I hate having to rummage through the drawer looking for them.

  3. Great idea! I wouldn’t want to blemish new cupboards either – no way!
    BTW your salt & pepper grinders are too cute. 🙂

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