An Update on Composting

In the fall I posted about our compost bin and our increased efforts to “go green”. I thought I would post an update on our progress.

Composting has been a very easy transition for us.

I composted for a brief time period in college and it was… gross. Rank. Rancid. Fortunately this experience has been nothing like that. So if you’ve had a negative composting experience, maybe you should give this a shot!

First, we opted to purchase a composting wheel.

We bought this one at Lowes.

There are less expensive ways to compost, but using the wheel keeps everything contained, keeps animals out, and prevents an odor. We keep our compost wheel in a far corner of our yard.

But that’s the easy part.

A lot of people who compost keep a little pail under their sink or on their counter. This is the method I tried in the past.

This method smell terrible. Aromatically offensive.

Unless you take your scraps out on a daily basis, your scraps will start to rot. (I may be an artsy bookworm, but I know the basics of science.)

Instead of keeping a composting pail on the counter or under the sink (which a lot of people seem to do), we keep a large tupperware in our freezer.

When I am cooking I take it out and leave it on the counter. In go the eggshells, the carrot peelings and the apple cores.

When I’m done, into the freezer it goes! The scraps then freeze and don’t smell at all. When the bin is full I take it out to the composting wheel.

Easy, right?

Yes, it does take up room in our freezer, but to us it’s worth the space.

By keeping everything in the freezer, nothing smells! Nothing rots!

It’s not a complicated system. : )

Other non-food scrap stuff we put in our compost bin?

  • Teabags
  • Coffee Grinds
  • Dryer Lint
  • Jack-o-lanterns
  • Ashes from the fireplace
  • Toothpicks
  • Cleaning my hairbrush
  • Emptying out the vacuum

Have you ever composted before?


8 thoughts on “An Update on Composting

  1. Thanks for the post. You have inspired me to start composting! We are moving out of an apartment and into a house next month and so that would be a perfect time to start… That way I have a yard to put the compost wheel on. Do you empty the wheel into a garden or something?? And how much did the compost wheel thing cost?

  2. We’ve always composted. We’ve got three bins out in the back of our yard. We have a bin on the counter, but places like Lee Valley sell counter compost containers that have a carbon-pad thingy in the top, so that the smell isn’t an issue. We also just empty it every day, or sometimes every other day, though. That’s partly because there’s 5 people worth of things-to-compost, and partly because I have to go out in the back yard on a daily basis anyways, with the dog.
    Glad to hear you tried it again, and are enjoying success this time 🙂

  3. There are only two of us but we have “spot” composted for years. Everything that is “rotable” is taken outside everyday and simply put in the ground around the trees and bushes in our yard. The stuff just rots in place. It works great! We could never collect enough to compost in bulk so this was our solution. And you are right – a lot more things can compost than we often think. Nice post!


  4. Yes! We hope to have a vegetable garden in the spring we will be using the soil in. I believe the wheel cost around $70, but as I said, there are definitely other cheaper options too. We just like this for the ease and cleanliness of it.

  5. Yes, after my post I heard from a few people who have had success with the counter-bins with the carbon-pad-thing. Apparently what I was using before wasn’t that!

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