Fancy Schmancy DIY Headband for $3

I love rosette headbands.

I could be wearing old sweats and a t-shirt, but I can put on a rosette headband and all of a sudden I’m fancy.

I made my first rosette headband this weekend.

I think it’s safe to say I may never buy another from from a store again.

I made this one for a fabulous $3.00.

The headband was $1.99 from A.C. Moore and I bought the ribbon from the $1.00 ribbon bin.

Unfortunately I can’t find the tutorial I used anywhere! Ugh! I will keep looking.

It was your basic no-sew ribbon rosette.

I used about a yard of ribbon and folded it in half horizontally. Then I rolled up the first couple inches, dispersing hot glue every so often.

Then I just glued the ribbon as I went around and around, flipping the ribbon over every once in a while.

I’d say that was $3.00 well spent!

Well tra la la, I need to go do something fancy now.

I feel the overwhelming need to find frosting and glitter.


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