Let There be (a Kitchen) Light

Remember our kitchen renovations I vowed would be done by August (2011) and then January (2012)? Erm, about that… since it’s almost March. We aren’t finished, but LET THERE BE LIGHT!

After 10 months of cooking in the near-dark, we have installed our kitchen lighting. (!!)

In case you have forgotten what we started with, we removed an old ceiling fan. I won’t even pretend I was involved in this process. : )

Can’t say I’ll be sad to see you go dusty fan and naked lightbulb. I will not miss chopping vegetables by the light of the microwave. Nope, not one bit.

After months of looking for kitchen light fixtures (I wish I was kidding), we finally decided on purchasing this Kichler Semi-Flush Rail Fixture from LightingDirect.com.


We chose the Antique Pewter finish – although ORB (oil rubbed bronze) is all the rage, I can’t get away from this look. Plus it matches our appliances and hardware nicely.

I like the combination of cottage and industrial elements this fixture has. Another plus – we needed a rail lighting with one center hookup that would fit in the same spot that the fan did. The light is about 30″ long, just shorter than the island directly below it. The little lights can be tilted to direct light in different directions if that’s your goal.

Money saving tip:

When purchasing products online, always look for an promo-code.

Within 5 minutes of searching “promo code for LightingDirect” on Google, I found a coupon code that saved me $25.

I didn’t even have to break a sweat.

In addition to the rail lighting fixture over the island, we had four recessed lights installed. They make a huge difference.

Everyone says that lighting makes the room and now I understand. Because when the room is well-lit, everything looks bigger and newer.

Mamma mia.

The lights are very hard to photograph… use your imagination.

We also got these white raffia stools from Amazon. They came disassembled, but I put them together within an hour. One of them is not quite perfectly balanced, but as they were quite inexpensive compared to what else I found, I am happy with them. It’s my new favorite place to sit!

We’ve been busy enjoying life and our kitchen has fallen to the wayside this month (oh the shame!). We have two more cabinet doors and two drawer covers to install, as well as some molding, but then we will be 95% of the way there!

While I’m on topic, our Phase II kitchen plans are:

– Take down the over-the-stove microwave (our current one is almost in the graveyard as it is)

– Install stainless steel oven hood (we found one on clearance!)

– Install tile backsplash (I just bought a sample of one we are looking at…)

– Crown molding and shoe molding

– Eventually buy a new stove and run gas line (?)


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  1. Yes! There is old undercabinet lighting under there now actually. It’s pretty bad though. We need to look at a few more stores and find a good option because we haven’t found anything we like yet. Then we will rip that out and put some newer lighting in there as well.

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