Guest Blogging at Mademoiselle Michael and A Special Anniversary!

I’m over here today guest-blogging for my BFF Mademoiselle Michael.

I’m giving brilliant advice about how to trick yourself into going to the gym

(Hardy-har-har. No really.)

Please stop by!

: )

Yesterday was the anniversary of momentous occasion.

Exactly one year ago we first looked at this house and put our offer in to buy it.

I was so sick that day. Like tissues-falling-out-of-all-your-pockets, red-chapped-nose, smells-like-cough-syrup sick.

It’s crazy how time flies.

Speaking of time flying, or flying at a sloth-like pace, our kitchen is 99.8% of the way completed!

Hopefully I will have some photos of the finished product to show you soon!

In other, other news. We have started shopping for couches. I already hate it.

Help! Where do you buy furniture?


One thought on “Guest Blogging at Mademoiselle Michael and A Special Anniversary!

  1. congrats on the houseaversary 🙂
    I mostly find furniture that people have left at the curb, and reupholster it. Wow, that sounds super sketchy… it actually all turns out really nicely, because people throw really nice antique furniture away when the cat yacks on it, but all it takes is getting rid of the old yack-covered material. My parents’ garage has three chairs in it, just waiting for me to have a house to put them in. Also works for lamps – very easy to rewire, and another thing people chuck rather than fixing.

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