The Kitchen is DONE!

Phase one is DONE.

After, oh, only 10 months. Yes. We started our kitchen renovations a whopping ten months ago. No wonder I’ve been so anxious to get this over with.

I first posted about our kitchen here when I posted about removing the wallpaper.

I can remember standing in our kitchen for the very first time when we looked at the house.

I must have a good imagination.

It was small. It had a huge creaky ceiling fan. A dank, old, dark pantry. A stained sink and chipping countertop. And the wallpaper. Oh my, the wallpaper.

We tackled the walls and cabinets with a vengeance. We ripped out the inside of the pantry. We knocked down a wall and made a cubby for our recessed fridge. Then we looked for the perfectly sized fridge for six weeks. We ripped out a dishwasher full of magenta water. Yuck. But enough of that. You’ve been hearing about that for ten months now.

Before we get to the final pics, here are a few renovation highlights.

I’ll do a before and after post later this week. You betcha I’m going to savor the flavor of this project being finished!

And now on to the phase I finished product:

Nary an exposed garbage can in sight:

Those last pesky cabinets that we procrastinated on:

I think I can cook here!

There’s miscellaneous paraphernalia on the fridge. We officially live here now.

And the beauty only lasted a week or so.

We just ripped out the microwave last night and I think we’re ready to order our backsplash tile!

This is the hood we got on clearance. The microwave (which is on the brink of death anyways) is now plugged in the basement until we buy a smaller one we will tuck inside the pantry. I will not miss that old clunker.

Do you know the definition of sadistic? Two words. Kitchen. Renovations.

Kitchen Projects left:

– Crown Molding
– Undercabinet lighting
– Shoe Molding
– Backsplash
– Endcap to the left of the stove
– New stove. Eventually.

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