Denying our Backyard Reality


Spring is in the air! It’s official.

It’s official because we did yard work all weekend. Yup. It’s spring.

I’m going to inject pictures of other people’s beautiful yards so I can momentarily forget how much work lies beyond our front door.

Like this piece of serenity from Country Living.

via Country Living

Those of you who have been following my blog for some time will remember the hard time we have encountered with our yard this year.

First, the since our house was a foreclosure, the lawn hadn’t been taken care of in over a year. Everything was completely overgrown and neglected.

Unlike this beautiful patio from Pottery Barn:


Second, we had to take down four (rather large) trees. Two were growing over the house and were hazardous and the other two were dying. We decided to just pay to have them taken down and keep the firewood, since we plan on installing a wood burning stove. You can read our adventures in endless woodpiles here.

via RHS Chelsea Flower Show

Maybe someday we’ll make it look neat, but for now it’s a huge pile underneath our deck.

Third, we encountered an unexpected number of acts of nature. We had a giant tree get struck by lightening, the scare of Hurricane Irene caused a lot of tree-limbs to fall, as well as scared us into digging ditches into our yard (we had major foundation problems when we bought the house), and, finally, the “Thundersnow” storm on my birthday brought down a LOT of huge branches. Let’s just say we’re playing catch up now.

But I’ll just close my eyes and pretend I’m here:


We started the process of officially surveying our land today. I feel like I sound like a pioneer.

Basically, we need to have legal record of our property lines before we begin on the endless amount of work that remains before us.

But, we did get one important thing accomplished this weekend.

via tumblr

We picked out where we’re going to hang the hammock.

: D


Well, well, well. Whaddya know? It’s April 20th.

Update: Ermm.. I think the nice weather has gone to my head! It’s March 20. And I wrote 3 sentences in a row about it being April 20th.

Did you know April 20th is National Ravioli Day?

Nope? Me neither.

But guess what I happened to be making for dinner ON April 20th? Well I guess I’ll have to make it again one month from now!


This lovely photo is from this post at LiveLovePasta, where they beautifully capture the process of making homemade ravioli.

And on that note, Is anyone going to see The Hunger Games this weekend?



7 thoughts on “Denying our Backyard Reality

  1. You’re a month ahead…It’s March 20, not April 20…you’re just going to have to eat pasta twice!

  2. No problem! I still think that 1990 was 10 years ago! We are in the process of buying a short sale house also, so understand your issues. Here’s to eating pasta on a beautiful back porch . . . . . someday.


  3. ugh, yard work! one of my least favorite activities! the inside of our new house needs a LOT of work, but the elderly woman had hired a lawncare service that had been taking very good care of the yard, so my goal is to just maintain what they have already done!

  4. That is good news! I would take leaves and brush over popcorn ceilings any day I think… at least when the weather is so nice like it is now!

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