Grab Your Wellies Folks, It’s Springtime!

While we have been experiencing an unusually warm March here in Boston, rainy spring can’t be held off forever.

Rainboots, or “wellies”, are one of my favorite types of footwear.

I like to wear them while doing yard work. Sometimes I wear them when I shovel (with wool socks!). I like them better than snow boots because they are less bulky. However, they don’t have much traction against ice.

I started wearing them to prevent the dreaded “wet pant ankles” epidemic.

I love rubber boots because they come in all sorts of fun colors (for example: I own a bright red pair and another pair that makes it looks like I have giant rolls of Lifesaver candies on my feet).

Rainboots are very durable. I’ve had my striped pair (from Filene’s Basement) for 7 years! I think a new pair will be in order soon.

Maybe I’ll pick up a new floral print:


Or these blue polka dot cutie booties:


There’s no better way to brighten up a dreary day than a classic pair of yellow galoshes.


Maybe someday I’ll win the lottery and will splurge on fancy rainboots like these classic Hunters:


These Sperry rainboots look nice and sturdy! And particularly warm.


We shall see!

Happy Monday and Happy Spring!


6 thoughts on “Grab Your Wellies Folks, It’s Springtime!

  1. I love my LLBean Wellies for rain gushing by in the gutters out here, although no one in my geo-area understands the term Wellies. Where did that name come from?? Here’s to boots and toasty, dry toes and ankles! I’ve been known to seek out and splash through puddles with joy and confidence.

  2. Ah yes!! The LL Bean ones! I love those too!

    Wellies is short for Wellingtons. I think there was an original brand of rubber boots called Wellington Boots.

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