Eggspiration from Alisa Burke


I am a doodler.

I am quite sure this is a genetic trait I inherited from my father, as I have distinct memories of him drawing doodles all over the program at my little brother’s elementary school choir concert.

I also think most creative-types tend to doodle without even realizing it. (Graphic design is a pretty direct correlation, don’t you think?)

So color me amazed (I don’t draw the line at bad puns. Oh double whammy!) when I came across this very cool Easter egg project from artist Alisa Burke.

While she has several posts on creative treatments for Easter Eggs, her “doodle eggs” are the ones that caught my eye.

Check out her full tutorial here at her blog.



All images in this post belong to Alisa Burke.

Sadly, we did not decorate any eggs this year. But I am definitely doing this next year!

Did you decorate eggs this year?


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