Oven Problems & Microwave Cakes


I have this thing where I can’t bring myself to buy store-bought desserts.

I don’t know what it is, but I just can’t do it.

Usually this is a good thing – I don’t buy them so I don’t eat them.

But it was somebody’s birthday recently

And, of course, our oven chose to die. And I mean croak. 20-minutes-later-the-frozen-pizza-is-still-frozen kind of dead.

To eliminate confusion: this is not an after photo. Just re-using photos here people!

The oven breaking was unfortunate for a few reasons:

  1. It was actually kind of new and the only working appliance that came with the house
  2. We were hoping to sell it on Craigslist and make a few pennies
  3. We weren’t planning on buying a new oven right now.

Such is life. Certainly such is the renovating life.

Anyways, back to the topic of cake. Specifically, birthday cake.

I “pinned” this recipe from Taste of Home ages ago for Moose’s b-day and bummed when I thought I couldn’t make it anymore. (There are bits of chocolate cake in one of the trifle layers – hence the oven problem.)


Welp, I have officially made “microwaved cake”. It wasn’t bad. Not great, but not bad.

We are now in search-mode for our next oven. But, like most of our projects, we are presented with a bevy of issues we inherited with the house.

I am pretty sure they built this entire kitchen around the stove.

Seriously. The oven fits quite snugly between the window molding and the cabinets.

More importantly, we are extremely constricted in our stove options due to the height we need the oven door handle to be. It has to be tall enough for the drawer to open underneath it. If we decide to go with the double oven or a warming drawer that has a handle we also need the handle to be relatively flat, so the cabinet door can open easily.

Also, if we end up choosing a gas stove (which we both prefer to cook with) we will need to run a gas line across our basement – adding cost to our project.

Ideally, we’ll end up with something like this:

(The Sprite sign is random, but one can only justify spending a minimal amount of time photoshopping their own kitchen photos.)

We will build an endcap on the left-hand of the stove and maybe some funky non-flammable and easily wipeable artwork.

Due to our handle restrictions, right now we are leaning towards the fancy double stoves (and no! not just because they are swoon-worthy to a baker like me!), because the top handle are more likely to give us the height clearance we need.

Until then, I’m not baking a single thing. : )

And before I forget – a note on switching from a wall-mounted microwave to a hood:

So far I love it. Our microwave was mounted really low, so it’s nice being about to see into the pots on the back burner. While we eventually will put a small microwave in our pantry, the old clunker is downstairs on the basement workbench.

I’ve discovered the main reasons I use the microwave are to reheat my coffee and melt butter. Now I’m just trying to drink my coffee faster, and a little less butter never hurt anybody!

What kind of stove do you have? Any recommendations?


3 thoughts on “Oven Problems & Microwave Cakes

  1. my only recommendation is to NOT get a white ceramic top (like the top on your existing dead oven, but white…), because it is SO terrible. the hobby in my household is cleaning that stupid stovetop, and we do a lot of cooking! even assuming that absolutely nothing spatters, spills or leaks, a perfectly clean pot boiling water will cause a yellowy shmear mark to appear on that element.
    I loooooove gas stoves. That one looks quite sharp – good luck with the surprise reno 🙂

  2. I just found your blog and was wondering what is the color of your granite? I am looking for granite for my kitchen and am having trouble deciding what I want. Yours looks great! Will definitely be coming back to visit your blog! Good luck with the oven!

  3. Hi Traci! Our granite was called “azul plantino” (blue platinum – although I’m not sure where the blue part comes from!). Thanks so much! Look forward to having you back!

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