We have a Bathroom Again!

Recently (okay fine, back in September), we ripped out our downstairs bathroom. We have lived without it for the past 6 months – yikes! Since then I shared my Powder Room Inspiration Board andshared tales of burning the midnight oil with our last-minute tile choosing session.

Believe me when I say I am SO glad this project is nearing completion. (Yippee!!)

When we bought our house this was what the powder room looked like:

Dated, but the main problem was that while sitting on the porcelain throne, your shoulder was wedged on the sink countertop.

Although this is a tiny room (12 square feet), there was plenty of room on the other side of the toilet, so we decided to make a few changes.

Beautiful, right? I’m not sure which part is my favorite.

Last summer we ripped out the awkward extending countertop, had the radiator removed and moved the toilet over on to the other wall. And that’s how it stayed until the fall when it all met our friend Mr. Dumpster.

Due to a number of issues, we ripped out all the drywall on the sink-side of the bathroom.

(By the way, our of our favorite DIY tools are these Harbor Freight Dual Head Pivoting Work Lights. Since we both work full-time, we have to do a lot of our projects at night. These lights make a HUGE difference.)

We put up new drywall, beadboard, baseboards, chair rail and crown molding. We also replaced some of the trim around the window and doorframe, and also put in new outlets.

Oh YEAH, and we got a new floor!

Then we primed like crazy. Did I mention our appraisal was less than 24 hours away at this point?

While I love my beadboard wallpaper, you can see we decided to put “real” beadboard in this room. The reason for this is that the beadboard wallpaper, while awesome, doesn’t work so well in “danger zones”. What I mean by this is, the wallpaper has a puffy texture to it and can indent easily. Since this room is so tiny, the chance of coming in contact with the wall is greater.

Then, voila!

We purchased a new toilet and this vanity (we got the 24″) from Lowes. We got our faucet on clearance.

Can anyone tell me why faucets are so expensive?

This vanity is GREAT for small spaces! While the cabinet is only 12″ deep (which was all we had – hence the previous super skinny sink), the sink bowls out to 18″ leaving you plenty of space to wash your hands. The old sink was so tiny you couldn’t even get both hands in.

The trim and beadboard are painted Valspar Swiss Coffee and the walls are painted Valspar Willow Wynd, it’s a soothing gray green.

And the floor is from Murano smart tiles from Home Depot.

We just have a few more essentials to take care of – lighting, window shade and a mirror! Then I’ll share some more beauty shots with you – this post is long enough!

Lastly, I submitted our kitchen to Traci’s “March Before and After” Link Party, and she has featured my kitchen in her highlights!

I’d like to send a big THANKS to Traci at Beneath my Heart – her blog is great!. Be sure to check out all the other fun projects this month here, and check out Traci’s awesome kitchen renovations while you are over there!


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