The Era of Design


I am a graphic designer.

When someone asks me what I “do”, that is what I say.

You think I would post on the topic a bit more, wouldn’t you? I suppose since I do it all day, blogging about other things is a source of creativity in a whole separate way.

I have friends who often send me tidbits of information they read about graphic design in the media and I love when they do that. A while ago a friend emailed me this article, in which the founder of Pinterest shares his personal design philosophy.

“The design instinct, above all, is about viewing the world around you as a place filled with opportunities to add more thoughtfulness and care. Thus, your organization deserves to be just as well-designed as your homepage, and your company’s tweets as crafted as your account confirmation emails.”

To be a designer is a not a career. It’s a lifestyle commitment.

via (sorry, no original source from Pinterest)

To me, graphic design and the philosophy behind it is fascinating. I suppose that’s why I’m happy to do it for the large majority of my waking hours.

Last week posting an article titled The Era of Design. (The original article can be read here.)

Read it, really.

“You see, expecting great design is no longer the preserve of a picky design-obsessed urban elite—that aesthetically sensitive clique who‘d never dare leave the house without their Philippe Starck eyewear and turtleneck sweaters and buy only the right kind of Scandinavian furniture. Instead, there’s a new, mass expectation of good design: that products and services will be better thought through, simplified, made more intuitive, elegant and more enjoyable to use.”

Don’t act like you don’t know the kind of person they are talking about.

Even my husband (pretty much that antithesis of a design snob stereotype – anything that involved L.L. Bean would be the opposite of that guy, right?) is able to identify the basics of well designed pieces and fonts.

Or maybe because I can’t help naming every font I can identify. It’s a bad habit of mine.


The author of the article Adam Swann, tweeted “Found out my Forbes article has become the most-read Forbes AdVoice entry of all time. Surely this validates the idea of #NewEraofDesign“.

And this last picture makes me laugh. This one is for my husband. Because, let’s be honest, someone needs to be able to teach our children math.


Although Jeffrey Ven, co-founder of TypeKit (whose type-awesomeness you are seeing right now on Withywindle) would disagree.

Math is easy; design is hard. — Jeffrey Veen

I love to read about graphic design and society. What do you think?


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