Elbow Pad Love

Adorable elbow pads from Honestlywtf – so cute!!

The elbow pad is in my future.

This winter I blew through sweaters. Emphasis on sweaters.

Perfectly good sweaters that now happen to have quarter-size holes in the left elbow.

All because when I’m on the phone at work I lean on my elbows.

I didn’t really realize this until I had discovered a fourth elbow hole in a fourth shirt. Then *lightbulb*.

Look at this adorable DIY one from A Beautiful Mess!

This post is fairly ill-timed, as I just put all my winter clothes away and got out my summer clothes.

Sidenote: I love this day!!!

Like this swanky one from Ralph Lauren.

But, as the winter progressed, every time found a top with an elbow hole I put it on my sewing table… now that winter is over I have a toppling pile (okay, five sweaters) with elbow holes waiting to be fixed!!

But I digress.

This is a teenage boy sweater, but I’d probably wear it.

I’m happy to add that it appears elbow pads are (erm, were) totally “in” this winter.

As usual I am late to the fashion party. I can’t even remember the last time I read a fashion magazine!

Another adorable DIY one from A Smile Each Day… I think I see a project in my future… x 5!

And they even make fancy ones! That’s a far cry from the classic professor leather elbow pads!

Couldn’t find the original post. Found it on this Pinterest board linked to Cupcakes and Cashmere

Elbow pads unite?

Who’s with me!?!?

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  1. So cute! I don’t even really wear sweaters (no need in New Orleans, sadly) but this makes me want to start, just so I can have elbow pads.

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